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.Graphic Design
  The menu cover example below features a custom logo and unique design as well as product photography. See a wide variety of project examples featuring many design different styles here.
  Yes, We do Photography
  We will shoot whatever is needed for your print or Web projects. Product images, business/staff images and event coverage can be handled at very reasonable prices.
  Photo shoot of NJAA Event


What is Graphic Design? defines it best, "the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect."  

For years I've heard the argument that print designers cannot design for the Web. I do not agree with this premise. Whether designing for print, outdoor, video, audio or the internet, the same principles apply.

  Creativity is a natural talent from deep within. It can't be taught however, it can be realized and harnessed. Graphic design utilizes creative instincts along with the "other side of the brain" producing what I call "Art with a Purpose." I began designing before computers but have strived to keep up with the latest technologiesw and trends. Although typesetters, rubber cement, Rubylith and X-Acto knives have long been replaced with personal computers, I continue to create with those powerful tools taken for granted today.  
  We're not here to just make it look pretty. We're here to successfully communicate through site (and sound), to convey an idea, sell a product and/or educate someone. We combine purpose, function and aesthetics to provide every client with a premium result.  
  Every project has multiple solutions. We're here to explore them and offer the best professional solution based on knowledge, experience and the specific needs of each project. If we do it, it will be unique to your business, organization or product. We do not design using templates. Every job is a well planned one-of-a-kind endeavor.  
  I look forward to speaking with you. I am always available to discuss your options without any obligation. If Kraml Design doesn't take care of what you're looking for I will happily point you in the right direction.  

Paul Kraml

  Below is a a postcard I designed that was accompanied by palmcards and pin-back buttons. Mr. Patel won the election.Congrats!  
  Campaign Post card  
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