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.Signs, Displays, Banners & Outdoor Advertising

Our one color paper signs and banners are fast and inexpensive. They're great for sales, events, parties and special promotions. Samples below.

  The banner below is a 2' x 10' one-color paper banner. The smallest size available is 1.5' x 2', the size we commonly use for tee and yard signs. When mounted on foamcore these signs are generally weatherproof and last for weeks outdoors. These signs are an economical option with many uses. Available imprint colors: royal blue, red, burgundy, bright green, hunter green, purple and black.
  We have many other examples. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs and provide more samples.
  Gianni Formal Wear Sign
  For Sale Sign


Yard signs, in-store displays, storefronts, transit ads, billboards and much more. If you need something special, simply ask.

See my Outdoor Advertising Photo Gallery for a wide variety of design examples and applications

  De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies Awning Sign  
  The Vault Billboard  
  This 10' x 22' billboard was strategically postitioned to let people know The Vault was open for business. Keeping the message simple is key. Click image to enlarge.  
  The banner above is a 3' x 6' full color banner on vinyl with grommets. The empty area at the bottom is for student signatures. It will be displayed at class reunions for years to come.  
  The two-sided custom restaurant sign above is carved from wood and filled with gold leaf. The sign is lit with spots from above.  
  The custom designed paper banner above was output in black on white with color added by hand.  
  The one-sided, one color custom designed paper banner above is approximately 6-8 feet long.  
  The six yard signs above were custom illustrations and hand cut for a special party. The message area between the palm trees can be changed so the client can reuse the signs for future parties.