Comfortable Branded Full Color Face Masks: Only $4 each for 100 or $5 each for 50 plus one-time set up. Fast 2-3 day turnaround! Click image to view our Mask Gallery.
An unconventional advertisement on the famous Post Alley Gum Wall under the Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle. The message definitely stuck.
Informational brochures can deliver the details.
Custom designed, imprinted and packaged promotional products. Click image to explore promotional products.
Be seen locally on smaller affordable billboards.
Gianni logo by Paul Kraml
Kraml Design can create your business logo and apply it consistantly across all of your advertising.
Our masks are printed on a antimicrobial treated fabric. They are color fast and washable. The multi-slot design fits large and small faces. Click image to view our Mask Gallery.
Take your message on the road with retractable banner stand displays. Click image to view our numerous display options.
You still can't beat pens. You get the point.
De Lorenzo's tomato Pies Logo by Paul Kraml
Logo designs and corporate identities are as important as your products and services. Click image to view our Logo Gallery
A creative take on a traditional giveaway that serves a new purpose. Yes, it's a six foot measuring tape key fob. Let us know if you'd like one. Click image to explore promotional products.
Hit the highway with your message.
Not your average door hanger. Pest included.
You'll dig our ideas!

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